The ABCD of acoustics

An analysis of the space and an understanding of how it is to be used allows us to calculate the best course of corrective action to take using our ABCD approach.

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The process by which a material ‘soaks up’ the sound energy that hits it, rather than reflecting it back into a space.

Many acoustic problems occur due to the exclusive use of materials with hard, reflective surfaces in contemporary office designs, as these are poor absorbers of sound energy. Specialist absorbing products will trap unwanted sound energy and stop it from being reflected back into the space where it would otherwise add to the noise level and cause echo.

We can calculate the amount of acoustic absorption required in each space by measuring it using our own specially designed software. Each space and activity has its own specific acoustic target and this interactive process can be fine tuned to create the ideal acoustic design of each room or space.

Absorbing products that use advanced materials now allow offices to follow the modern aesthetic trend with minimal impact on the interior design.

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