The ABCD of acoustics

An analysis of the space and an understanding of how it is to be used allows us to calculate the best course of corrective action to take using our ABCD approach.

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Stop sound travelling




The introduction of barriers between the noise source and listener to prevent sound energy travelling freely through the air.

Blocking sound is the most visible method of acoustic management in the office and is achieved using products like partitions, screens and storage cabinets. The higher the barrier, the more effective, but these are often viewed as less attractive in the open plan office landscape. The most effective barrier products are those with a dense core and absorbent outer faces.

We examine the interior design to see what barriers should be in place that will prevent the free travel of the sound energy across the entire space, taking into account any acoustic products that have already been introduced into the designs and making adjustments if necessary. If too few barriers are in the proposed layout, we work with the designer to sensitively introduce them, ensuring they have the correct acoustic properties.

Ultimately, planning a space with the end users communication needs in mind will go a long way to creating an acoustically comfortable environment using blocking techniques.

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