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Add an acoustic 'wow' factor to your interior space

How acoustic wall art can help absorb sound

Today’s choice of open-plan work spaces mean our working environments are noisier than ever. Although these designs may be more atheistically pleasing to the eye, they unfortunately create an acoustic environment where sound repeatedly reflects and reverberates off hard surfaces such as glass and concrete. As a result, staff communicate at an increased level just to be heard and the noise continues to rise.

How can you begin to rectify this problem?

In a previous blog we discussed "Why acoustic issues in the working environment are so important”. By adopting the right mix of suitable products for your space that either Absorb, Block or Cover sound (the ABC of Acoustics), you will achieve an improved and productive work place.

Incorporating acoustic wall art and panelling are incredibly effective products for noise absorption. We recommend our very popular Vibe - Fabric and Printed Art.

These high performance products (Class A and C) are suitable for all wall applications and offer maximum noise absorbency. Available in a variety of finishes, you can choose from a coloured or patterned fabric, stock image or photo. Alternatively, why not select one of your own designs?

Used in a multitude of environments from offices, banks, school sports halls, restaurants, hospitals and hotels, not only are they great for branding, the Vibe wall art can also add a ‘wow’ factor to your interior space.

From the client - "Acoustic Comfort for Screen Solutions has achieved the transformation of our multi-purpose area from an outdated and outmoded facility to a venue fit for purpose in a twenty first century setting” Headteacher, Shaftesbury School

- internal absorbing material 25mm or 50mm thick
- covered with:
a base fabric layer and a plain coloured or patterned fabric
a base fabric layer and a dye sublimation printed finished fabric
- secured to a MDF back

Acoustic Performance:
- after construction, the 25mm option is 40mm thick - Class C absorber
- after construction, the 50mm option is 65mm thick - Class A absorber


 Full list of Vibe products.

Contact our sales team today for further product information or our qualified acoustic solution providers Acoustic Comfort to see how we can turn your work place into a healthy, happy and productive working environment.

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In our next blog we will discuss how the Reverb range of fabirc and printed wall panelling, ceiling islands and cupboard backs
help to improve the absorption of sound


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