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Why acoustic issues in the working environment are so important

Part 1 - Over the coming months, we’ll be producing a series of blogs focusing on acoustic issues within the workspace and how they can be rectified.

Part 1

Why acoustic issues in the working environment are so important

Interior designer’s fondness for open-plan office layouts doesn't look like it will end any time soon. As a result, acoustic problems within the workspace are a growing and pressing concern for today’s businesses.

“70% of workers said they could be more productive in a less noisy environment” 

American Society of Interior Designers’ study

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are unaware that making a few adjustments to correct the acoustic landscape, can have wide-reaching benefits such as improved staff productivity and concentration.

This is where our dedicated acoustics division can help. Unlike other acoustic solution providers, our team of highly skilled and technically trained staff are experts and market leaders in achieving effective acoustic solutions.

“72% of office workers are dissatisfied with their speech privacy”

University of California at Berkeley study

How do we solve noise issues?

  • We assess the situation and categorise the noise problem into one of three areas:
  1. Lack of speech privacy - normally experienced in cellular and closed offices where sound may leak into adjoining spaces due to a range of situations including poor construction, lightweight partitions.
  2. Noise and concentration - Intensely packed working environments containing hard reflective surfaces that reverberate sounds, which result in a less productive working environment.
  3. A combination of both - most working environments suffer with a mixture of the two previously mentioned problems
  •  We analyse how the work space is used
  •  We then specify suitable materials to help with the resulting issues


Contact us today for further information and to see how we can turn your work place into a healthy, happy and productive working environment.

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In Part 2 we explain the all-essential A (absorb - capture reflected sound), B (block - stop sound travelling) and C (cover - mask unwanted sound) of interior acoustics

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