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What does the 'C' stand for in the ABC of Acoustics?

Part 5 - How to cover/mask unwanted sound in the workplace.

Part 5

In a previous blog we reviewed, “What does ‘B’ stand for in the ABC of Acoustics?”. Here we examine “What does ‘C’ stand for in the ABC of Acoustics?”

It’s an agreed principle of architects and designers, that an interior workspace can affect the wellbeing, health and productivity of its workforce. Understanding this link will help businesses reduce absenteeism and distractions, improve concentration and productivity. Along with daylight and good air quality, good acoustics play a key role when creating the ideal workplace.

Unfortunately, the preferred open-plan office designs of today have their fair share of drawbacks. The lack of walls and doors can result in a space being too quiet or too loud. Unwanted and overbearing silence or noise can make it difficult for employees to concentrate on tasks, causing stress and reduced productivity. Lack of speech privacy is another common issue. Adjoining workers' conversations can become unintentionally distracting to the casual listener and in confidential environments this lack of privacy may result in breaches of security.

In our previous blog posts Part 3 and Part 4, we discuss the A and B in the ABC of acoustics. The last and probably most fundamental element in solving acoustic problems is C for Cover.

What do we mean by C for Cover (mask unwanted sound)? Sound masking entails introducing a background noise to the work space which acts to ‘mask’ the sound. 

Here’s the science bit - Sound masking is the only acoustic treatment that can maintain the noise floor at a level between 42 and 48 dB(A), an ideal range to ‘block out’ distractions caused by noise. This makes colleagues unwanted conversations and workplace noise difficult to hear, reducing distractions and providing speech privacy.

To create this acoustic treatment, we employ the market leader in sound masking technology, the LogiSon® Acoustic Network system. By distributing a comfortable, engineered background sound throughout the workplace, Logison® helps to reduce distractions and achieve privacy. Creating a noise floor high enough to mask unwanted noises and low enough for comfort, it works because the human ear can’t distinguish sounds of similar volume and frequency.

We are often asked if it can be heard? You must be able to hear the masking sound for it to be effective, but it’s designed to be as unnoticeable as possible. It doesn’t contain distracting patterns, and via a thorough assessment of your space, it’s tuned so you don’t hear volume changes as you move through the workplace.

As the sole UK agent since 2002, we have complete faith in this incredibly cost-effective product and continue to install the system in a wide range of interiors from offices to call centres, hospitals to banks, schools to universities and law courts to hotels. 

How does the LogiSon® Acoustic Network system work?

Innovative design

Loudspeakers are usually installed in a grid-like pattern above acoustic ceiling tiles. Its contemporary design also makes the network the best choice for open ceilings.

Central Control

A central control panel and software provide overall control and tuning. As the acoustic requirements for the space change, the acoustic profile of each speaker can be set independently and re-programmed without rewiring or requiring access to the ceiling. 

Minimal installation

It’s easily to install  in new or existing facilities of any size. If necessary, the Network can easily be expanded or relocated in the future. Installation and layout design is handled by Acoustic Comfort, our in-house team of acoustic expert technicians.


Its inbuilt Acoustic Network™ Manager Software provides multi-floor or whole-building control from one location.

Advanced component integration

LogiSon® offers the highest and most sophisticated level of component integration in the industry. It provides digital quality masking and audio, as well as multiplexed paging and music, while eliminating the need for centrally located amplifiers, equalizers and sound generators.


For further information or help with noise issues, our Acoustics Comfort team of qualified experts are on hand to accurately diagnose the problem, offer guidance and deliver a solution.

Visit our London showroom in Clerkenwell to 'hear' the effects of the LogisSon® Acoustic Network.

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In our next blog we cover the different types of work spaces from cellular to collaborative and our related products and services. 

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