Noise issues

There are a number of acoustic problems that affect people. It could be the space is too loud, or too quiet. Determining the problem enables a solution to be found.

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“I’m worried private conversations can be heard outside the room.”

“I’m disturbed by conversations and noise coming from all around me.”

Combined noise, concentration and speech privacy

“The room echoes – I can’t hear clearly and the noise is driving me crazy.”

Combined noise, concentration and speech privacy

The flexibility required by today’s businesses means most working environments have a combination of both issues – noise and concentration and speech privacy.

Contemporary work environments that make use of both closed and open plan spaces are cost effective and can help build good working relationships, but they do not always promote a successful acoustic environment. Typically a busy open office may be located in close proximity to quiet cellular offices or confidential meeting rooms, and noise travelling from one area to the other can prove extremely distracting for people occupying the space.

These agile working environments require careful design of their acoustic landscape to allow them to work together effectively.

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