Why you need Acoustic Comfort

Did you know that poor acoustics are the number one cause of workplace dissatisfaction and the most significant factor affecting employee performance?

Typical acoustic problems

  • Increased noise disruptions
  • Lack of speech clarity
  • Confidentiality breaches
  • Reduced levels of staff concentration
  • Reduction in staff and business productivity
  • Increased staff absenteeism

It looks great – but how does it sound?

Are you planning a contemporary new look for your workspace? Perhaps you already have one yet, despite the fabulous interior design, it’s just not right for the staff who use it? If so, you might want to consider a subject that is often completely overlooked at the design stage – interior acoustics. It’s an issue that if ignored can cause businesses a major headache, but one that with the right approach can be easily rectified by specialists like Acoustic Comfort.

The cost of poor acoustics

The effect of noise in the workplace has been well researched, with studies showing that poor acoustics can have a significant impact on employees’ health and wellbeing. But, are you aware that distracting noise, a lack of speech clarity and speech privacy, are all the result of poor interior acoustic design that can adversely affect the ability of a business to operate efficiently. In an ASID study, 70% of workers said that they could be more productive in a less noisy office environment.

By addressing acoustic issues, you will gain a much healthier, happier and ultimately more successful workforce. So, what is the cost to your business of not providing the best performing acoustic landscape? Try our ROI calculator and see what you have to gain.

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