Logison sound masking

Your networked sound masking solution for speech privacy and noise control.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces distractions
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves speech privacy
  • Increases productivity
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to expand or relocate
  • A cost-effective solution

What is it?

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network is a sound masking system designed to address poor acoustics in the workplace, providing maximum speech privacy and noise management.

What does it do?

LogiSon sound masking corrects poor acoustics in workplaces by distributing a comfortable, unobtrusive background sound to cover conversations and noise. The sound is specifically engineered to cover up speech as well as noise from general office activities.

How is the sound delivered?

The set up typically consists of a series of loudspeakers installed in a grid-like pattern, with firmware to control their zoning and output. Placing speakers in the ceiling or floor plenum, for greater diffusion, ensures the listener cannot locate the source of the masking.

How does it work?

Speakers add an unobtrusive sound to a space that raises the background sound level in a controlled way. Any noises that are below the new background level created by the masking sound are covered up and the impact of those still above it is lessened because the degree of change between baseline and peak volumes – the dynamic range – is smaller.

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