Reverb acoustic panelling

Acoustic panelling for walls and ceilings

What is it?

Reverb panelling is an attractive, sound absorbing solution that enables you to introduce
reverberation control in creative ways. It is available as:

  • Reverb printed panelling
  • Reverb fabric panelling

What does it do?

It is designed to reduce echo and reverberation by capturing unwanted sound energy,
preventing it from being reflected back into the space it came from.


Reverb acoustic panelling can be fixed to any sound wall or ceiling. It is installed on-site
and comprises an internal absorbing material covered by a base fabric layer and then a
finishing fabric. Both are secured in place by a discreet, wall mounted Reverb gripper track
positioned around the perimeter of the panels. The finished design looks discreet and no
frame is visible once completed as all fabric is wrapped and tucked in.

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