Installation & guarantees

Our own experienced team installs all Acoustic Comfort solutions, which helps to keep the process as stress-free as possible.

The team

Our team regularly undertake specialist training and hold certificates in a variety of courses including health and safety and project management. All work is guaranteed and an aftercare service can be devised to suit your requirements.

Unobtrusive working methods

We recognise the significance of changes to the working environment and the impact that these can have on people who occupy the space. We therefore keep disruption to a minimum and install out of hours where necessary. A keen awareness of the psychology of change has led us to adopt unobtrusive working methods, which ensures people are not disrupted by its installation.


The acoustic solution we propose will normally involve one, some or all of the following products. The installation of each is outlined below.

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network

This typically consists of a series of loudspeakers installed in a grid-like pattern within the ceiling or floor plenum. A small central control panel is fixed to the wall. Installation is handled by Acoustic Comfort’s own technicians. If necessary, the Network can easily be expanded or relocated in the future.

Reverb acoustic panelling

This is installed on-site in three stages.

  • A plastic frame is attached to the wall. 
  • A sound absorbing material is then mounted into the frame.
  • Finally, two layers of acoustic fabric are dressed into the frame, the top layer having been pre-printed with images if required.

Reverb acoustic ceiling islands and baffles

Both are suspended from the building structure with stainless steel wire hangers or steel suspension rods. They are normally factory finished and arrive on-site and ready to install.

Vibe acoustic art

These are factory finished and normally arrive on site ready to fix straight onto the wall.

Acoustic screens

All screens are factory finished and generally freestanding. The client or Acoustic Comfort’s installers can install them.

Acoustic booths and workstations

These arrive flat-packed, ready for assembly by Acoustic Comfort’s installers.

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