Is noise a problem?

Studies show that poor interior acoustic design adversely affects people’s ability to work efficiently?

Typical acoustic problems

  • Voices carrying across open-plan spaces
  • Lack of speech privacy between meeting rooms
  • Meetings in closed offices disturbing open-plan areas
  • Noise from break-out areas affecting workers nearby
  • Reverberation issues in conference rooms

Have you got the time?

Most companies do not have the time or expertise to monitor the acoustic effects a design will have on their interior spaces. And how many of the specialists supplying products and services understand how their design process will affect the acoustic landscape in their finished workspace? This is where Acoustic Comforts’ specialists can really help.

What’s the problem?

If you’ve ever been disturbed by other people’s conversations whilst focusing on a task, or worried about being overheard in meetings, you’ve already experienced a poor acoustic environment. Some spaces are obviously too noisy, but an ever growing problem is one where they are too quiet, causing voices to carry further and seem even louder.

It’s as easy as ABC… D

You may have heard of the ABC of acoustics – a solution that combines absorption, blocking and cover technologies to combat unwanted noise in the workplace. This tried and tested method forms the basis of our successful approach too, but we also think it’s important to take another aspect into consideration… Diffusion. Combining these four techniques into the ABCD of acoustics, our service offers an unbeatable management solution that is tailored to your workplace problem, no matter which market sector you are in.

So, are poor acoustics at the heart of your problem?

Take a look at noise issues to see which category yours fall into.

Try our problem solving checklist to diagnose noise issues that might be affecting your workplace.

Discover how we rectify acoustic problems using our ABCD of acoustics approach.

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