The ABCD of acoustics

An analysis of the space and an understanding of how it is to be used allows us to calculate the best course of corrective action to take using our ABCD approach.

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Mask unwanted sound



This is a treatment that reduces or eliminates the ability to hear unwanted conversations and noises thanks to the presence of a masking sound.

Covering or masking is achieved with the use of a sound masking system, which uses speakers to add an unobtrusive, background sound to reduce distractions. The sound is specifically engineered to cover up speech as well as noise from general office activities. Because the sound is truly random, containing no identifiable information, our brains aren’t able to focus on it and are therefore not distracted by it.

The speakers distribute a sound that raises the ambient (background) sound level in a controlled way, providing maximum speech privacy and noise management. Any noises that are below the new background level created by the masking sound are covered up and the impact of those still above it is lessened because the degree of change between baseline and peak volumes – the dynamic range – is smaller.

We use the LogiSon Sound Masking System to provide the cover in our ABCD solution because it offers industry-leading performance.

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