Noise issues

There are a number of acoustic problems that affect people. It could be the space is too loud, or too quiet. Determining the problem enables a solution to be found.

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“I’m worried private conversations can be heard outside the room.”

Noise and concentration

“I’m concerned about both confidentiality and noise.”

“The room echoes – I can’t hear clearly and the noise is driving me crazy.”

Noise and concentration

This issue most commonly affects open-plan working areas.

This layout offers ways of working that enhance creativity, improve communication and boost team building. However, max-packed buildings with hard reflective interiors, continually reverberate sounds and staff suffer from an increase in background noise. A lack of walls and cubicles and uncarpeted floors further promote excessively high noise levels.

Because of this, designers, engineers and architects believe that quiet is good, but this is a major misconception. As office devices have got quieter, the measured sound levels in an open plan office are now often too low, and this too can be very unpleasant. Why? Because in very quiet spaces sounds are more noticeable and travel further. You will hear every keyboard stoke and conversation across the office, disturbing all within listening distance and forming a constant distraction.

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