Noise issues

There are a number of acoustic problems that affect people. It could be the space is too loud, or too quiet. Determining the problem enables a solution to be found.

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Speech privacy

“I’m disturbed by conversations and noise coming from all around me.”

“I’m concerned about both confidentiality and noise.”

“The room echoes – I can’t hear clearly and the noise is driving me crazy.”

Speech Privacy

An issue typically experienced in cellular spaces or closed offices, which is caused by sound leaking from the closed office into nearby spaces.

The problem often arises when the space is partitioned between the raised floor and underside of the ceiling, causing a large proportion of sound to leak into adjoining spaces. Base building design constraints, poor construction, lightweight partitions or a low building noise floor are also contributing factors.

Speech privacy is particularly important in sectors where consultations must remain confidential, such as human resources, medical and financial.

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