Gresham Street, London

Capita, London

Increasing privacy levels and reducing interruptions across 3 floors and 100,000 square feet of open plan and meeting areas.

Property and infrastructure firm Capita moved into 65 Gresham Street at the start of 2014. With a number of buildings in their portfolio throughout the UK already successfully treated with LogiSon sound masking, Capita were keen to add this to their new London HQ.

As a long-term LogiSon customer, senior management at Capita knew the importance of providing a productive working environment for over 1000 staff members across the 3 floors, which is why LogiSon was a key element to this fit out.

Sound level tests: open plan areas

These example test results measure sound travelling across an open plan space.

  • For both tests, a person was positioned at the same desk.
  • Sound pressure measurements were taken at a distance of 12 metres from the desk.
  • For the first half of each test, there was no speech.
  • For the second half, the person at the desk spoke with a ‘telephone speaking’ voice.

Client testimonial

Although we as a business have used LogiSon sound masking for a number of years in several of our other buildings, this is the first experience I have had with it personally. In all honesty I was unaware we had sound masking until it was pointed out to me, which goes to show how unnoticeable it is.

I am fascinated by the fact that you can stand and watch a conversation from a few meters away and not be able to make out what is being said. Considering we have close to 1500 staff in one building, I’ve never known such a calm office