Kings Place, London


CGI’s primary objective was to increase privacy levels and reduce interruptions across the 7th floor meeting rooms and waiting areas.

Global IT and business service company CGI (formerly Logica), moved from Euston Tower to the new development at Kings Place, 90 York Way in 2008 and immediately installed LogiSon as part of the fit out. Acoustic Comfort were recommended to the client by an existing customer in the same building, who had previously suffered from room to room privacy issues.

The key reason for the poor privacy levels was the noise floor. The construction was of a high spec, with great efforts made in blocking the sound above the ceiling and beneath the floor. Unfortunately because of how quiet the offices were, conversations could still be heard.

The space was treated with the LogiSon Acoustic Network, the market leading sound masking system, which allowed the client to closely control background noise levels. This increased privacy and allowed staff to concentrate and reduce risk of interruptions. Such was the improvement following the treatment, that the client has since placed orders for new areas of the floor where additional meeting rooms have been built.

Sound level tests: cellular office

These example test results measure sound leaking from a closed meeting room into an open plan area.

  • For both tests, a person was positioned in the conference room with the door closed.
  • Sound pressure measurements were taken in the open plan area.
  • For the first half of each test, there was no speech.
  • For the second half, the person in the conference room spoke with a ‘presentation’ voice.