Creating an acoustic environment that gives both speech privacy in meeting rooms and concentration in open plan areas for senior management.

ICON is a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Acoustic Comfort presented a way of controlling the acoustic environment giving speech privacy in meeting rooms and concentration in open plan areas. The latter was of great importance not only because of the type of work involved but because all the senior management were to work there.

Following a short trial of the LogiSon Sound Masking System in their existing building, the decision was made to install the system throughout the four new buildings. In addition to this, Acoustic Comfort recommended a change of ceiling tile specification to the Rockfon Koral tile. The LogiSon system paid for itself in reduced fit out costs. The meeting room walls were raised from floor to under ceiling with no vertical barriers in either plenum, making the air handling and lighting simpler to install.

The four buildings each have a control panel each controlling four floors of predominantly open plan office space. The buildings are connected by one large glass covered atrium containing both reception and canteens. In this space we provided four large 9m2 Reverb wall art panels to reduce reverberation.

Sound level tests: cellular office

These example test results measure sound leaking from a closed meeting room into an open plan area.

  • For both tests, a person was positioned in the conference room with the door closed.
  • Sound pressure measurements were taken in the open plan area.
  • For the first half of each test, there was no speech.
  • For the second half, the person in the conference room spoke with a ‘presentation’ voice.

Client testimonial

It was a bit of a leap of faith but the acoustic environment is the best it can be and we all benefit from it.