LogiSon® sound masking

The purpose of sound masking, often referred to as “white” or “pink noise”, is to carefully raise ambient background noise levels within offices, universities, medical institutions etc, in order to improve the acoustics within that environment. More specifically, the purpose of sound masking is to aid concentration and increase speech privacy levels.

In order to be applied successfully, sound masking should be unobtrusive and unnoticeable. For this to be achieved, the sound masking system needs to be tuned with acute accuracy – to site conditions. If your sound masking system is not tuned correctly (or at all!), then you risk adding a noticeable and irritating new sound to your space. It must be controllable within small zones (groups of speakers) that are independently tuned and addressable. This gives the client greater control and reduces risk. It must be installed with architectural sensitivity to the space. In most circumstances, it installed in the ceiling void, which means it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, with so many office spaces now utilising an exposed, industrial ceiling, the sound masking system will be visible – so should not be unattractive to look at!