Our Approach

We guarantee a working environment that will be more comfortable, allows employees to concentrate and increases productivity.

Our problem solving approach will:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Eliminate background interruptions
  • Improve concentration in open plan areas
  • Maintain confidentiality in closed offices
  • Reduce high noise levels
  • Enhance clarity

Working with Acoustic Comfort

For over ten years, we have been helping designers, architects and planners understand that by making small changes to their ideas they can create great, all-round acoustic environments. Our experience enables us to quickly analyse spaces for problems, before suggesting an acoustic solution appropriate to any particular working environment.

New or existing build?

We can solve both existing issues and provide cost saving solutions in a new build or fit out. For buildings currently under development we need to get involved as soon as possible, working with the architects and designers to minimize acoustic disruption. Within existing buildings a site visit and survey is required to assess the current acoustic conditions.


An assessment of your workspace will help us determine the best course of action to take by categorising your issue into one of four problem areas: Lack of speech privacy, problems with noise and concentration, a combination of these two or issues with reverberation.

Acoustic report

Following our assessment, you will be issued with a detailed acoustic report. This will provide information on the best way to control the acoustic environment using our ABCD of acoustics approach. We will also ensure your design aesthetic is not compromised.

Responding to changes

All work is carried out by Acoustic Comforts’ own highly trained specialists, allowing us to respond quickly to changes in project requirements and offer our customers’ exceptional service in response to market demands.

Benefit from our solutions

Many businesses already enjoy the benefits of our specialist knowledge and experience, so why not look at our case studies, or contact us to find out more.

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